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It's a small world - Bob Gabel!!

I know most of you younguns have not heard of him but Bob was a collector from the 80s. He and Jim Munding wrote a book on riverboats.

I moved to Smyrna (outside of Atlanta) about 6 months ago. Needless to say, the area is not a hot bed for chips. Well, I was walking through the Cobb Antique Mall in Marietta (one of several antique mall stops on my hunt for chips) when I ran across a coin booth for Bob's Coins. No one was there (it was a Wednesday afterall) but I took his card. Gave a call couple of minutes ago and Bob Gabel answered. I think he's been out of chips for 20 years

However that will not deter me from returning to the mall to give Bob some crest and seals and ivory chips to display in his case. You never know!

Only chip collector (former collector) I've met in the area. Needless to say there are no Atlanta chip shows scheduled in the foreseeable future.

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It's a small world - Bob Gabel!!
Rich say hi to Bob 4 me we traded a lot great guy
Bob ran the Blast From The Past shows; Biloxi ~~~

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