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Indianapolis 500 time.

Well it's that time again.

This will be the 5th or 6th year that I'm running this contest.
The Indy 500 is at the end of May.
There are 33 spots in this contest, that is 33 cars.
The first 32 people (I'm taking a spot) that tell me in this post that they want in will get a car and driver.
The car, not the driver is in the contest.
You will be wagering 2 $5.00 Nevada chips that you would want to have in your collection,(no Junk)
When we have 33 players, the lovely Rhona will draw cars from a hat, and I will post which car/driver you have.
It's your responsibility to mail the chips to the winner in a timely manner.
If a driver scratches, you will still have the car.

Let's get ready to rumble.


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Indianapolis 500 time.
I'm in! TY
I'm in Tks for contest
I'm In (Again) vbg
I'm in, Thanks
I'm in! Thank you.
I'm in Thanks
I Will Play Please
Count Me In Please-Thanks
I'm in. Thanks
I want in!
I'm In, thanks
I'm in R-8728
Re: Indianapolis 500 time.

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