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I have the chip in three colors. The white has a horse head on the reverse. The blue and red have the rooster on the reverse.

Interesting that gambling is associated with both the horse and fighting rooster

I always thought the padlock and bar as incorporated in the persons name. The letters shown are MJC

Maybe J McLaughlin. Then again, with a horse head on the back could it come from a ranch, maybe the bar and lock represented a paddock

Bottom line is I haven't the foggiest. I would give someone this fairly expensive chip if they could solve the mystery of who owned it. Only things I'm pretty sure of - the owner was rich and chip is from the 1880-1910 range.

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I vote for the cleaned chip ...
I'm with ya, brother!
Yeah I like to remove grime and it's not like a
Beautiful Chip Rich!
Re: Beautiful Chip Rich!
Re: I vote for the cleaned chip ...
Re: I vote for the cleaned chip ...
Re: I vote for the cleaned chip ...
I agree. Cleaned chips = MORE valuable

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