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Call for Convention Exhibitors...

I would like to ask potential attendees to the Club's 25th Annual Convention to consider doing an Exhibit.

The Club provided display cases are about 22 x 32 inches and are about 1 inch high. A

slightly deeper case is available for display of items with a little bit more height. (About

2.5 inches in height.)

I will need this information:

Exhibit content or theme,

Number of cases needed,

Your NAME,

Your CCA member number, and

Title of the Exhibit.

Exhibits must be casino related in some way, in keeping with the nature of our Club. If

any of the Exhibit will include slabbed chips, special permission must be received from

President Doug Smith. (You will be responsible for that permission process.)

Please contact me via email: Exhibits at, or as linked above.

Thank you,


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Call for Convention Exhibitors...
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