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Last week find

Last week was the start of yard sale season here in hillbilly heaven. I went to an estate sale and paid way too much for this Splash Casino hat but I have never seen this one before(I have just about every Splash logo product ever made). And it was dirty as heck. After soaking in prewash and Oxiclean for a day and then in hydrogen peroxide for a few more hours it finally got very clean.

This weekend I went out to the yard sales and found some stuff for the car, a full jug of bug killer (We have a big wasp problem at our house in summer). On the way home there is a neighbor who is moving and I got a 14K watch (sadly missing the band) for $3 and they threw in 4 sterling necklaces for free. grin The necklaces weigh 2/3 of an ounce so they alone are worth $10 just in silver value.

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