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for saleJs Bond-Dan Craig CASINO ROYALE chips.New.LQQK

Some of these chips have never been seen before. Only I am selling all nine.

The James Bond chips I am selling in this thread all have to do with the lengthy poker tournament near the end of the 2006 James Bond-Daniel Craig movie “Casino Royale” at the fictional Casino Royale in Montenegro. You can view the last hand in that tournament here in this 4-minute YouTube video:

I offer 9 Casino Royale chips for $24.99 (plus $3 shipping, just one $3 shipping charge for whatever you order from this thread). PayPal Ok (email me first): they are all of the same style, quality and look as the chips in the movie, though all were made after the movie was released. Cartamundi, the large Belgium playing card manufacturer, supplied the chips and playing cards for the movie and 7 of the 9 chips offered here, the same as in the movie (but have since ceased manufacture of these chips). Only three of the chips ($5000, $25000 and $100000) are seen in the tournament and video. Four others were made by Cartamundi for home poker use. The $1 and $1000 chips are replicas made elsewhere, but same quality, design, etc.

Two Casino Royale playing cards (same backs as seen in the movie, made by Cartamundi) free bonus with each order:

JB1 -- all nine chips -- $24.99

JB2 -- the three chips seen in the movie, though made after the movie was released -- $12.99:

JB3 -- $1 chip -- $4.99 -- I just received these, new to me!

JB4 -- $1000 chip -- $4.99:



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