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I want to go soooo baaad BUT...

the tax man has me by the juevos in January. sad If I go I will drive up after work on Friday, 440 miles/ 8 hours. UNLESS... I hit the lottery and then I will have the DOM on ice before you get there! rofl WELL THAT IS A BIT BETTER:
PokerStars Tournament #130437286,
No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $2.00/$0.20
180 playersTotal Prize Pool: $360.00
Tournament started 2008/12/29 22:01:59 ET
Tournament finished 2008/12/29 23:37:44 ET
1: 22 Expos (Mountaintop), $108.00 (30%)
2: TucsonSmitty (J6 Ranch Mescal AZ), $72.00 (20%)
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl YES! grin Uh Huh! Uh Huh! Come on Tommy... I am ready for you! Show me that tatoo! vbg
3: IDAWONTHAT (mufreesboro), $42.84 (11.90%)
4: lagranzule (chacabuco), $28.80 (8%)
5: pikapp168 (north augusta), $23.40 (6.50%)
6: Cud Bucket (rahway), $18.00 (5%)
7: teamrgv (blaine), $12.60 (3.50%)
8: 007-KID-007 (breda), $9.36 (2.60%)
9: br-benny (porto), $6.12 (1.70%)

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Andy...Do you know why...
Just a guess, but probably 'cuz
I want to go soooo baaad BUT...
There was somebody in the tournament...
Could Have Been Jay "Sands"
I think his is a Gold Jeton SANDS chip???
Jay Posts The "HNO" Chip Often
Really? They told me that I could not change icons
No Idea, Good Morning Smitty
Could it have been Sands777?
That's Doug Boyd...
could be Ron Mollica too
Re: Andy...Do you know why...

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