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Just a guess, but probably 'cuz
In Response To: Andy...Do you know why... ()

they are preparing for the next series (The Road to the World Series of Poker) which starts a week from this Wednesday (7th January 2009).

Smitty -- are you still planning on going to the Super Show & playing in our tournament? Please let me know for sure. grin

Steve B

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Andy...Do you know why...
Just a guess, but probably 'cuz
I want to go soooo baaad BUT...
There was somebody in the tournament...
Could Have Been Jay "Sands"
I think his is a Gold Jeton SANDS chip???
Jay Posts The "HNO" Chip Often
Really? They told me that I could not change icons
No Idea, Good Morning Smitty
Could it have been Sands777?
That's Doug Boyd...
could be Ron Mollica too
Re: Andy...Do you know why...

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