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Re: for sale Chateau ARODIE Chips Tampa, FL

i copied this from the Virgil Peterson Testimony
to Kefauver Committee(doesnt prove anything about the chip but its intresting! grin )

got it from this link..

In Tampa, Fla., Salvatore (Red) Italiano is the leader of a group of racketeers in control of "Bolita" and other forms of gambling. The principal lieutenants of Italiano have been Jimmy Lumia, Tony (Nino) Decidue, Tom Decidue, Paul Antinori, Santo Trafficante, and a son by the same name. During 1941 these gangsters allegedly members of the Mafia were in complete control of vice, gambling, and similar activities. During the 1940 elections it is claimed that these racketeers spent huge sums of money for campaign purposes.

About 1947 Jimmy Lumia brought to Tampa a racketeer by the name of Philip Locicero. Lumia and Lucicero opened a night club known as The Chateau, which is located in the Desoto Hotel in Tampa. Locicero remained in the background of the club's transactions. Until early 1949 he spent a large amount of time in the Jockey Club. About two or three weeks before the killing of Jimmy Velasco, Salvatore Italiano, and Philip Locicero made a trip to New Orleans. The place they visited was allegedly the headquarters for the Mafia in the Southern States. In Tampa the meeting place for the Mafia has allegedly been at the homes of Jimmy Lumia or Santo Trafficante.

Santo Trafficante, a lieutenant of Salvatore (Red) Italiano, in Tampa, Fla., has connections on the west coast. Early in 1950, when the Los Angeles police seized the records from Jack Dragna's lieutenant, Giroloma Adama, they found, as I mentioned before, the addresses of some of the most notorious gangsters in the country, including Murray Humphreys and Tony Accardo. In the list was recorded Santo Trafficante, 2821, which apparently is the telephone number, 3010 North Boulevard, Tampa, Fla. Also recorded in the address book recovered from Jack Dragna was James Lumia, M1426, again the telephone number, 3215 Twelfth Street, Tampa, Fla. Jimmy Lumia has been one of the leading racketeers in Tampa until it is my understanding he was killed there just a few weeks ago in a gang killing.

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for sale Chateau ARODIE Chips Tampa, FL
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Re: for sale Chateau ARODIE Chips Tampa, FL
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