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Re: our slot glass collection pictures

Some nice items. I am jealous.

I just moved into a new apartment. Had visions of displaying a lot of my various collectables that have been boxed up, including some slot glass, framed chips... Vegas Glassware... Was going to get a couple Pachislo machines also but don't know if I will be able to put them anywhere. Almost broke down last night when at the grocery store. Jewel had some for $199 with 500 tokens. Too many groceries in the cart though and it wouldn't fit. vbg

It's amazing how small an apartment can get as you move in all your stuff and buy essential furniture. Went to IKEA the other night and came home with about 700 pounds of furniture. That stuff is like $2/lb Took almost a week to build it all. I got some nice glass cabinets that I hope will hold some of my more prized pieces.

Anyway, there isn't enough wall or shelf space to hold it all so I am going to have to be selective. My girlfriend has been nice enough to let me put some of it out though. grin I guess a lot will just have to stay in storage for now.

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our slot glass collection pictures
Here's our wall of chips
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Great looking Display Mark
Nice display of both glass & chips!! grin
Re: our slot glass collection pictures

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