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Thanks for the responses guys!
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and also to the friendly chipper who pointed me to the dice collecting board, where I also posted the query.

Based on the responses I received, I am going to test with model glue, gorilla glue, and clear epoxy. I'll let you know of the results of my trials, and if I am successful in assembling my project. grin

I have also had a few people contact me re: bulk dice purchases. I currently have a source for them at $0.75 a pair, but was hoping to get closer to $0.50/pair or so (although I don't know if that is just wishful thinking/ignorance of the market on my part). The 5 star deal site that Jesse suggested sounds like an excellent idea for an oh-so-tacky Christmas Tree garland idea I have, but slightly differing cube sizes probably wouldn't work the best for the brain puzzle project. However, I appreciate the information. It's all useful to me grin.

Again, thanks to all for the great ideas and suggestions. And if any new revelations or information come to you, I'd be much obliged if you could pass it my way. vbg

Brent J. Jensen
orbis non sufficit

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Wierd dice question. Help!
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Re: Wierd dice question. Help!
Re: Wierd dice question. Help!
Thanks for the responses guys!

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