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Wierd dice question. Help!

What would be the best way to glue (or fasten) casino dice together? I am thinking of using used casino dice to make one of those 3x3x3 'brain teaser' cubes that consists of 7 or so pieces in different configurations that you then have to re-assemble into the cube.

Obviously I want the adhesive to be clear so as to not ruin the look of the dice. I was thinking perhaps of some sort of epoxy. However, I thought I would ask here first to see if anyone had any thoughts or experience. grin

Of course, if I am successful, I think I know what I am giving a lot of people for Christmas this year. vbg Anyone know where I can get used casino dice in bulk, and what I should expect to pay? I saw at the Gambler's General Store in Vegas yesterday they had them for $1 each, but I was hoping to do better (considering that would make one cube cost $27). Colour or casinos wouldn't matter too much, as long as they were all the standard 0.75 inch size. Any thoughts/sources?

Thanks, grin

Brent J. Jensen
orbis non sufficit

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Wierd dice question. Help!
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Re: Wierd dice question. Help!
Thanks for the responses guys!

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