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People are over-reacting when...
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... you see in that article that one of the 'possible' scares was white powder NEAR a POOL table! DUH! CHALK maybe??

Everyone at my daughters school is OK with thier Afghanistan money... they all KNOW where it came from. I think when it found its way over to the OTHER school and no one knew of its origin AND everyone was panic-prone is where the problem came from. Think what they would have said if I would have sent it in it's ORIGINAL envelope FROM Afghanistan?? I KNEW BETTER than that! I posted a note about our Post Office inspecting a letter postmarked "Bagdad"

I looked on eBay and that stuff is going like hotcakes! At the first of this year you would have had a hard time selling it at all! Now it WAY over book!

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I'm in disbelief...... (Afghan Notes)
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Same article online....
Marv... See the OTHER article? Casino Opening?
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HAHAHAHAHA rofl rofl
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People are over-reacting when...

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