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Re: I'm in disbelief...... (Afghan Notes)

I think there is a legitimate concern over the possibility of Anthrax contamination but, geeez America GET a Grip.
Its impossible to turn on any form of communication without getting a minute by minute update on who how or where.

I think if Stormin' Norman had finished the job he set out to do during Desert Storm we wouldn't be in this mess now.
Wouldn't surprise me if eventually ALL of this is traced back to Hussein.

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I'm in disbelief...... (Afghan Notes)
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Re: I'm in disbelief...... (Afghan Notes)
Re: Mike Thanks (Afghan Notes)
Same article online....
Marv... See the OTHER article? Casino Opening?
Gee...I was thinking of...
HAHAHAHAHA rofl rofl
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People are over-reacting when...

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