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Re: Another eBay Seller to Avoid

I too would like to thank Charles and all the other members who act on these questionable auctions for the service they do for this club. I am one who in the past has taken the position that public tongue lashings on this board are inappropriate when done hastily. However, in this case, it is clear that Charles has gone the distance with this guy to respectfully set him straight. In this case it is great that Charles posted the e-mails of his exchange with this seller. He was respectfully and politely informing the seller of his errors and the seller is the one that lost his cool and started insulting Charles. I don't think it is an issue of boycotting in this situation. I think that this is more of an example of a disreputable dealer being exposed and exposing his own unfriendly business tactics. This is a pure example of buyer beware. We as collectors and buyers are now aware and I for one will never do business with this seller.

Again, I would like to say Job Well Done and Thank Charles for his efforts to keep this a friendly hobby. We do not need sellers like, EXCEL74@AOL.COM In fact, as I said before, He convinced me more himself than Charles did when he said stuff like, "you can take your ccgg&cctg whatever and shove it up your @ss:) have a nice day!!" He may have made a textbook error in the art of customer relations.

I haven't noticed in this thread if the e-mail address mentioned is the same as the sellers ID. If it is different it would be helpful if his SELLER ID is posted so we can know for sure and not bid on his auctions.

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Here's the guy's AOL profile rofl
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TY Charles Appreciate u looking out for us newbies

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