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Publishers Clearing Chips

After going through the Publishers Clearing House envelope, my wife pulled out an intesting and funny piece of paper with the words "Casino Chip Collection". Here's what it said:

"4 Genuine Chips from Different U.S. Casinos!

Step out with the high rollers when you show off the Casino Chip Collections! From the hot nights in Las Vegas to the action in Atlantic City, you get 4 real casino chips including 1 circulating chip and 3 no longer in circulation. Your luck keeps rolling! Order today and get a velvet collector's pouch for your chips PLUS a free guide to casino chip collecting!"

The picture shows 4 chips: $1 Mirage Springs (CA), $1 Showboat (AC), 50c Cactus Jacks (NV), and 25c Hollywood Park (CA). It also says "Chips may vary from those pictured."

So I guess Ed McMahn is getting into chips. I think I'll order it just to see what the "Guide to Collecting" is like.

BTW: the cost is 4 easy payments of $3.75

Ed Hertel

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