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Thoughts from a feeble mind.

1. The next convention should be held in April onboard the Dixie Duck.
2. The next issue of CC&GTCC chips should be limited & given to those whose name is BOB.
3. Name calling & personal attacks can be very healthy. They build character & may even prepare you to go to work for a branch of the government.
4. Chip collecting is addictive, can lead to blindness & has been shown to increase cholesterol levels.
5. Gene Trimble does not post as many notes as he should. He needs more encouragement.
6. Mental health is a myth. Just read this & other BB's for one week & you can see right through the scam.
7. The best chips come from Antigua.
8. Rare & obsolete chips can't compare with recent issues. I can't wait to get my hands on all of the Miss America issues from AC.
9. Day cruises can be dangerous during hurricane season.
10. Pok er is president Clinton's favorite game.
11. All bad spealers should be banneded from these boarde.
12. California is a myth created by Hollywood.
13. All chip dealers are crooks, thieves & bad for the hobby. If you want a chip from Nevada & live in Florida, get it yourself. It's much cheaper & you save postage & handling.
14. Anyone asking for a chip ID should have to pay a fee to the person who correctly provides such. All ID's should be accompanied by chip producers records & affidavits from at least 3 casino employees who handled the chips themselves.
15. Reading bulletin board posts for more that 1 hour each night can cause serious medical problems such as blindness, hair growth on unwanted parts of the body & impotence.
Just my humble opinions. Nah, just my opinions. Nope, FACTS!!!!!!

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