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AC - Miss America 1998 Chips's almost that time of year again! At this
time, it appears 8 or 9 Atlantic City casinos will be
releasing a Miss America chip within the next 10 days. My sources tell me that
there will probably be 4 $10 chips and the remainder $5

I am presently accepting "indications of interest" if
you would like to be assured of getting a set for your

Once all chips are released & acquired, specific pricing
information will follow.

To reserve your 1998 Miss America set, please send an

e-mail or call Chips Off the Old Block at 1-888-CHIPS-97.

There are still a few of the '97 Miss America sets also
available. This set consists of 7 $5 chips and the very
hard-to-find Sands $20 chip. For pricing info, point your
browser to and look
at the Altantic City listings.


Terry Lazarus, R-2708
Chips Off the Old Block

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