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Re: $5 PJS wanted
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Late-1997, I purchased a box of 100 (approx. 50
Table One and 50 Table Two. I then ran into a fellow
chip collector living in Upstate New York who had
also just purchased approx a box of 100 (mixed,
too). I was informed that a few of the chips were
available in the Upstate NY area at either flea
markets or..., and were selling at about $10 each.

I then listed a 2-piece set at eBay Auctions, and
also sent two to Michael Knapp to include in his
UFC column for any help in attribution. Though there
wasn't any input from the column, I did find that
they were very popular to in the Saratoga, New York
area. Not only with chip collectors, but with
antique collectors in general.

Several Professionals in the Saratoga area really
expressed interest and purchased as many as 5-sets
each at the eBay price ralized: $20.00, and at least
three of them informed me that they had been the
chips of P.J. Sullivan's of Saratoga Springs, NY.
In about a week or two, additional orders came in
from the Saratoga area, but still no confirmation as
to wher/what/who in Saratoga was PJS.

To make a long story short: the original box sold
very fast, and I was then contacted by someone in
Ohio that had a box of each table available. I
purchased them and off they went to those in the
Saratoga NY area and to fill orders from my ad in
the club magazine (Spring 1998 Issus: page 41) -
still at $20 per two-piece set.

In the last few months I have seen one box each at
eBay being offered for far less than the $10 market
value per unit I had set on them.

I've put a few sets away, and sent the balance to a
few contacts of mine in Europe (10-sets) where there
is very little interest, except for collectors
living in the UK.

Other than the mold design, I find the "Table One"
and "Table Two" designation very interesting.
Something I've not yet seen on an American-style
casino/club chip having a denomination, along with
having the same color.

I've noticed the $5 chips, too, but they seem to be
available in very-low quantities - of which I do not
have either table.

I would like to ask that if anyone having any
information pertaining to a P.J. Sullivan
hotel/nightlcub or..., please contact either myself
or Michael Knapp.


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