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I hope all chippers think, I ask for the right thing to be done with the Lodge chips. I feel Colorado chippers want this set at face. If they do not get them, complete Co collections will no longer exist. That was not the purpose of this oddesey. If it was the wrong request, I would want feedback.

Thank you, Mr. Turner,

You have done a great service for the hobby. Colorado has once again became a great state for chip collecting, in my opinion. There is no doubt that collectors like Colorado chips.

One question? Are The Lodge Grand Opening chips approved for table play? I am aware that Colorado chips can be approved for sale, but un-approved for table play. At least, I was told this by a Colorado GCB agent.

I have just posted a request for The Lodge rack chips. I believe all Colorado collectors will now want them. In my opinion, there will be no grudges held. I will do all in my power to see that there are no grudges. We do want The Lodge Grand Opening chips. There will be holes in our collections, if these chips are not made available. Even though, in our opinion, they are not chips, they were made!!! Ten years from now, no one will remember today. I strongly request that the GO chips be made available at face. If they were to sell 500 sets of the $1, $5, and $25 GOs, I believe they would make about $14,000. I firmly believe, we would take 500 sets. Some would even buy the frame at the usual gift shop mark up of 60 to 100%.

The re-strike of a limited edition chip is a big taboo in our hobby. I think all of us would forgive The Lodge in this instance. There needs to be at least 500 sets of Lodge Grand Opening chips made available at face. If this were to occur, they must be the same exact chip. If they were different, the problem would not be solved. I reiterate, there was a Lodge Grand Opening set and we do not have it. If it never existed, there would not be a problem, and of course, you would not have had all this aggravation. I have not consulted with other chippers on this. I will ask for opinions if you prefer. I feel most chippers will agree to this request. If not, I guess I will take the heat you just took.

My final plea is that all cash value Colorado chips be made available on the tables. This is a law in most if not all gaming states. I think Colorado chippers will lobby you for this law.

I have two articles coming out concerning The Lodge. I will issue retractions and give credit where credit is due in the next issue of both publications.

I congratulate you and the other members of the board for your decision. I look forward to attending a meeting of the Colorado GCB and thanking you in person.


Gene Trimble

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