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Las Vegas Casino's

When not at the convention, my wife and I spent several days on chip runs. Not once when asking for chips did we meet a disagreeable person. Most of the time I asked for one each of every chip below $25, Everytime the casino person would seach thru their chips to find good ones. When the chips were not available at the cage, my wife would play for them. She is rather good at Craps and Roulette. I kept thinking that any time soon, someone would be rude to us asking for chips, but not once did this happen. We even visited a few casinos that we had to think twice about going in to. One time we even bought a chip from a cage person who's chip didn't belong to that casino. I know this is kind of long, but I was impressed by all of the casino personnal in the Vegas and a few outlying casinos. I have been spending every day entering chips in the computer. Hope to be done tomorrow. I learned a lot at the convention and met a lot of nice people. Now if I can learn to not hit the ENTER button and post a blank message....

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Las Vegas Casino's
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