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Non-Black Jack chips & other stuff.

Just flew in from Vegas & are my arms tired!(rim shot). So is my a--. Also finished reading the 250 plus posts on this board as well as 439 e-mails from Hard Rock pin collectors. WHAT A GREAT SHOW! It was fantastic meeting all of the folks in Vegas. Wrestling match never happened & shouting was averted. I second all of the kudos to those that put on the convention & thank Gene & the Fiesta for issuing a special chip. The Orleans staff was great & the cocktail waitresses that Mike Skelton provided were super. I just wish that I was 40 years younger & single. My wife never left my side & kept saying, "How can they get a 38 into a 30." I had no idea what she was talking about. ;-)> The chip police were nowhere to be seen. I was the only one at the Plaza roulette table & managed to walk with a stack of 20. Piece of cake. Same was true at the Orleans & a few other joints. I have non-Black Jack chips to trade as a result. At every hotel/casino I managed to visit, I was able to get slot cards as well as room keys, which I also have to trade. Greg's photo of me & CT Bob Ginsburg was a real treat. It's good to be home with some humidity, but I do plan on being back at the next convention. I just hope my skin stops flaking in time. I missed saying hello to a number of people, which I sincerely regret. I hope to meet more of you next year. I hope all had as much fun as I did. Talk to you in a day or so.

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