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The Colorado chapter needs to coordinate this meeting. State our case in a non-combative way. We have been good customers and are being treated unfairly. Mr Turner is responding in a positive, We need to take advantage of it. I can not get there. Wish I could. Someone needs to take the ball and run.

Thanks to Doug Knight for all of his help.

Hi Gene,

Well, once again I received a reply from Director George Turner
who also will give us public time right after lunch. I am going to reply
to him by telling him of the activity taking place and to expect someone
to make a complaint. That person should be armed with a solution. I
think that the Gaming Commission can empower Director Turner with
authority to reduce the prices if they choose. The person to go should
enquire at the "The Lodge" prior to the meeting so that the controversy
isn't heresay.

This message is a long list as well. Hmmmm! I love email.
History is encapsuled in these messages. Hope you get enshrined.

Doug Knight

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 16:26:59 -0600
From: "Turner, George" <>
Subject: RE: Chippers Dilema and The Lodge

I appreciate your priorities. Just so you know,we always have a time at
the beginning of our Commission meetings and after lunch for the public
to speak. If your organization can't have someone at this meeting they
can attend the next one on Sept. 18 in Lakewood.

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