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More Chips 4 Sale

Greetings Chippers

Over the next few days before the convention starts I would like to offer the opportunity for many of you to purchase the following chips. 95% of all these chips are in excellent condition a few are in good, 1 or 2 are in Fair. Here is my rating chart:

E = Excellent Condition

VG = Very Good

G = Good

F = Fair
It will take me about 2 days to list and color copy all 70 chips. A color picture will be available by email on request. I am currently accepting offers. If you are attending the convention you may contact me when you get into town or tell me what your booth # is and I will drop by. Contact info follows the list. More information is available by e-mailing me. The price shown here is simply the price shown in the Chip Rack. Feel free to suggest whatever $Price you want though the chip will go to the higest offer. Sorry at this time I am only interested in sale no trade. GOD bless you and travel well.


N1334 Aladdin $1 $ 19+ G
N6232 Pop's Oasis $ 5 $ 99 E
N1048 ST Gold River 25 74 E
N1049 ST Gold River 5 24 E
? N1468 Circus Circus 1 24 G
N1684 Frontier Hotel .50 15 G
N1682 Frontier Hotel 1 19+ VG
N1683 Frontier Hotel 5 24+ E
N1679 Frontier Hotel 5 $174+ E
N2835 Four Kings 1 20+ E
N1714 Golden Gate(metal inlay) $1 99+ VG
N7599 Golden Gate 1 $ 149+ E
N1706 Golden Gate (Bicentential) 5 $ 249+ E
N1731 Golden Nugget 1 19+ E
N2427 Hacienda(metal/red) $ 100 299+ E
N1977 Jerry's Nugget(coin/silver)1 99+ E
N1819 Kactus Kates 5 175+ E
N1843 LandMark 1 59 F
N1265 LandMark 5 125-149 F
N1889 Lucky Slots 5 39+ VG
N1895 Marina Casino 5 40+ E
N1904 MGM Grand 5 50 E
N1916 The Mint 1 24 E
N2075 Royal Casino 5 39 E
N4654 Sands $ 5 $ 149+ E
N2160 Silver Nugget 5 39 E
N9137 Skyline(Henderson)25 $ 299+ VG
N2231 Stardust 1 19+ VG
N2332 Vegas World(0782)25 40+ E

? CSS (Yellow)

So, more will follow. If you send a want list you will be the first I contact. Enjoy this life. See you at the convention.

Those of you wishing a Reference will receive a contact # for: Mr. Lenard Barnes, Chief of Security at one of our local Casinos.


Marc St.Andre
711 So. 4th St., # 6
Las Vegas, NV, 89101, USA
(702) 320-0084 Home
(702) 268-7193 Voicemail

Copyright 2017 David Spragg