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Central City and Black Hawk

Not a bunch of new stuff to report from the towns west of Golden CO.

There is a new casino in Central City named Easy Street, located a few doors down from the Lucky Strike on Main Street. It's owned by the same family that owns the Lucky Strike and the Famous Bonanza, has no table games (at this time. It could in the future given that the second floor is roped off, remodeling hasn't been completed). Their $1 tokens are pretty cool. They are of the "champaign" color variety, show what looks sorta like a Rolls Royce with the Monopoly man in the driver's seat and a large slot machine spitting coins from the backseat. The reverse is a lamp post in front of a building with an Easy Street street sign on the lamp post.

In Black Hawk, there is the beginning of something being constructed between the Lodge and Colorado Central Station, I couldn't find anyone who knows what it might be. The Lodge has the infamous GO set on display at the cage. ...I didn't even bother to ask how many they have sold, I hope they NEVER sell all of them!
The construction of the Ilse of Capri is moving right along. It'll probably be spring of '99 before they open, but it will be a very large casino by Colorado standards. The Bull Durham is expanding, adding onto their existing building.

....I was playing a little video poker today as I was casino cruising. ...saw 3 royals, two of them were people playing the machines right next to me! I guess I just don't know where to sit down sometimes...


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Central City and Black Hawk
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