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Beware of this chip on ebay

The Seller of this chip is asking $7.50 for this COMMON CURRENT $1.00 chip with the following description:

"WHEN have you EVER seen one of THESE!!!!!!!!! VERY Unusual California Commerce Casino's $1 Chip.... BEAUTIFUL Blue

Chip with Pink Band markings and pink inner ring .....METAL CENTER!!! which reads "Commerce Casino

Commerce, a circle with a crown overlaying a "club" above the $1 symbol..... Postage PAID anywhere in


I wish some of you people with influence could stop this type of outrageous exaggerated claim.

I might have gone out on the limb on this one, but I wrote the bidder and told him that if he was lucky enough to be outbidded on this item, I would trade him face value.

The close of this bid is 13 hours from this posting which is 9:46 P.M. Pacific Daylight time.

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