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Pam - I need your help !!
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In the last photo in your post you show Buckley's and a couple of doors down is a "Dixie" Deli. I got the chip below in 2012 at an Antique store in Reno, NV. The dealer said it was from Vegas. I have it with my Vegas "Stuff" but have never been able to accurately attribute it to Vegas.

Do you know anything about "Dixie" (Retaurant/Deli) in Vegas ?? Is it listed in any old phone books, etc that you have ?? The lettering on the chip looks a little different than the lettering on the Dixie deli sign - but who knows ??

The chip is on Nevada Mold but I am not sure of the exact time period when this mold was in use. I am not sure whether the Chicken and Seafood had anything to do with the Dixie Deli but seeing it in your post made me remember this chip I had stuffed away in my collection.

Any help would be appreciated !!

This CHIP might have been from anywhere in Nevada - I sure would sure like to find out Where.

I enjoy all your posts - especially this one !!

Take care,

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Pam - I need your help !!
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