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Announcing the Convention Exhibits and Exhibitors.

As the MoGH's Exhibits and Events Director, I am pleased to announce the following...

2019 Casino Collectibles Association's Educational Exhibits, presented by The Museum of Gaming History

At the Convention this year, we have a line-up of at least 7 confirmed, competitive Exhibitors/Exhibits at this time. Those competitive Exhibitors and Exhibits are, in no particular order:

Jerry Vergatos - “Baseball Chips and Silver Strikes”

Paul Schaffer - “Records are Made to be Broken” (a working title)

Mary Lou Werner - “When Elvis was King of Las Vegas”

Rich Burgel - “‘How it’s Made", an Inside Look at Chip Manufacturing”

Loretta Palumbo and Jennifer Mullins - “Eddie’s Fabulous 50’s”

Jerry Birl – A Collection of Assorted Las Vegas Casino Roulette Guides, Postcards and Brochures"

Chuck Sikora - “The Sands of Atlantic City”

The non-Competitive Exhibits and Exhibitors are, and again, in no particular order:

Trey Warren – “2018 OTY Nominees”

Michael Knapp - “Examples of Official Standards and Conditions”

Jim Follis - “VIVA Las Vegas” (downstairs display case)

Trey Warren - “All Past OTY Award Winners”

There is still time to enter a Competitive Exhibit. While it won't be listed in the Convention Program or Casino Collectible News, it can still be considered for the People's Choice Award during the Convention. Just send me an email, and we can set you up!

Thank you to the current Exhibitors!


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Announcing the Convention Exhibits and Exhibitors.

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