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for sale Hard Rock $25 Blow Out! Priced to sell ASAP!

A pal is in need and asked me to receive and return all of these Hard Rock chips for face value, ASAP!

I will be going to the HR tonight with what does not sell here as marked, plus shipping, and with payment via Friendly Paypal . In thanks, I have been allowed 30 hours to sell any at or above face. So, offered here are these $25 Hard Rock chips as marked, plus postage, on a first come, first served basis.

Take some, or take 'em all, just let me know ASAP. All transactions MUST be friendly PayPal as I will be mailing payment on Saturday and cannot await mailed payments. Shipping will be $3 minimum (1 chip) and $5 maximum (all of them).

Some of these chips have duplicates, so email replies are best. All are uncirculated.

Thanks for looking! Jim

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for sale Hard Rock $25 Blow Out! Priced to sell ASAP!
I'll take the $10 chip
$10 chip is SOLD Thanks Steve.
This Offer is Now Closed!

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