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Military Chip of the Day

As with any segment of our great hobby, there will always be some items that will remain in the "additional information needed" catagory. Much information has been loss to father time. In some respects, people took great pains to hide the true nature of the operations that they were operating as they were not always quite in sync with either the laws or moraes of the times.

The three chips shown here are an example of such items. Only one has a tenative identification, and even then, that can not be "proved". Heck, they might not even be military to start with! But for now, that is how I have them catalogued in my ever growing collection.

The H&C mold has 3 denominations and is reportely from a casino fun night ran at the NCO club at the Air Force Academy located in Colorado. The center chips has a denomination of $1 on the reverse while the H mold chip is same on both sides. If you have ideas as to where these might be from, or similiar chips, would be glad to hear from you.


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