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Gawd I hate computers!

I have spent 24 hours over the last four days working on my computers. First the HD in my main computer crashed. Fortunately I was able to get it started one last time and did a complete document save or the club records would have been in a little trouble. Took it to the fix it shop and they replaced the HD but wanted $80 just to reload the operating system. I figured for $80 I could stick one disc into the CD and let it spin. Got it all loaded but could not get the network adapter driver. You had to go online to get it and of course without it you can't get online. Back to the shop to get just the drivers added. Of course they never read the service orders so they charged me the full $80 to reload the whole OS. GEEEZ! Back home now I have to spend all day reloading Office and other programs. I use Paperport to handle all of my scans because it has a FTP upload feature. Well I don't have the 8 year old Visioneer scanner anymore so I was missing some of the driver software that they require before allowing you to install the Paperport program. Back online to "borrow" the driver for the scanner I don't have. Finally get it and the Paperport loaded. Whew - finally done! NOT!! I go upstairs to my laptop and it will connect to both of my networks but will not go online with either. Wifes laptop (right next to mine) has no problem on either network. Work on it all night and still does not work correctly. My main wireless router is just a little too far from our laptops to get a good connection. So last year I ran a cable under the crawlspace to a second router closer that I wanted to use as an access point. But now I am having all sorts of problems with not being able to print from the wireless printer on one router and not being able to connect to the internet with the other. If anyone is good with networks I could use some help before I go totally nuts.

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Gawd I hate computers!
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