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grin NCR ~ Thursday Humor (Mature)... 12:38 AM, EST

There once was a young man named Jim Bob. Now, Jim Bob was a
backwoods mountain boy who was looking for a nice girl to be his wife.

One day, at a mud wrestling match, he met beautiful Lutie Mae. They soon
fell in love and got married. For their honeymoon, they were to spend their
wedding night at a nearby Super 8 Motel.

Lutie Mae was very excited. She had bought some nice lingerie and Jim Bob
thought she was absolutely breathtaking.

As things began to get hot and heavy, Lutie Mae told him: “Please be gentle
with me, I'm a virgin.”

Jim Bob was totally outraged to hear this revelation!

He jumped up, dragged Lutie Mae out of the room and into the pickup. He
drove her straight to her parent's house and left her crying on the doorstep.

Jim Bob immediately went over to his father's house and told him what had
just happened. “Pappy, she said she was a virgin... A VIRGIN!

Pappy replied, “Well son, as I've always told you, if she ain't good enough for
her own family, she sure ain't good enough for ours!”



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grin NCR ~ Thursday Humor (Mature)... 12:38 AM, EST
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