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Florida Chapter Members of the CC-GTCC

Hi, if you plan on attending the Fun Show meeting on Sat Jan 7th, and would like to do some trading, please check out my over 1500 traders on the CL and please email me with your choices anytime before Jan 7th. Also, I would be happy to look through any lists that you may have. thanks Reggie

Hello Chippers, should you find yourself planning a trip to South West Florida. Please add a small trade session into the mix…would love to have a trade session with anyone that is in the area. Please give me a heads up, and a little warning.
Of course, I am interested in most recent stuff, and I do not have any high powered older chips to trade. But I have well over 2000 chips available for trade. Many that are not listed on the CL. Also, please be reminded that many of the "featured" PAGE A DAY chips are available for trading*
LMK the dates and windows of opportunity for a little sit down trade session.

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