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LAKE TAHOE - "Set of the Day"
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Today's "Set of the Day" concludes this series and comes from "BARNEY'S CASINO" which was located on the east side of Highway 50 at the Stateline, on the south shore of the Lake. The "Circus Room" opened there in 1952, became "BARNEY'S CASINO" in 1961 and finally "Bill's Casino" in 1988 until finally closing down last year. Today's "Set" comes from their 1st & 2nd issues. Enjoy!

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LAKE TAHOE - "Set of the Day"
Re: LAKE TAHOE - "Set of the Day"
Thnak you very much for all these postings!
Re: LAKE TAHOE - "Set of the Day"
Great series of posts. Thanks Frank.
rofl rofl Thanks, It Was Great!! rofl rofl
TY Frank..was most enjoyable
Say it isnt so! I liked that everyday...
Thanks for the memories !
Frank.... Thanks for sharing
Thanks for sharing with us, Frank grin
Re: Thanks, Frank... grin
vbg WOW, thank you everyone ... vbg
This hobby is so enjoyable because of collectors
Thank you Frank, My favorite postings !!!
My Lake Tahoe photo
Re: My Lake Tahoe photo
TKS, Heaven on Earth Pics Love Posts LT
So sad to see it end...

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