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new release Trop Club Casino, Aruba new release

On December 15, 2011, the old Key Largo was re-opened as the Trop Club Casino. Within a few days, my in-laws were nice enough to grab me some chips:

They said it was hard to get chips (I guess they didn't want to stay and play) and only got me $1 and 50 cent chips. Only 2 $1 chips and a couple of 50 centers in fact. sad But, still nice to get something for the collection. vbg

As you can see, the $1 chip looks like it has a break in the chip. Both of the $1 chips had those. Yes, the chips were in play only a couple of days (2-4). Cheap chips, I would guess. And, the 50 cent chips are slightly smaller than the $1 chips. Interesting.

All of the extras are gone. I owed a set to Doc Gross for a chip that hasn't arrived (still hoping it's slow mail season and not really lost) and sent 50 centers to two people who deserve one. With one each going to my collection, that leaves none left. Sorry.

I have uploaded the chips to the OTY site (they were released in 2011) and a players card with the name and number not so artfully removed/covered up.

A nice present for the holiday season and something to hunt for in the upcoming year. Now, I have to get a $5 chip, playing cards, a business card... rofl rofl

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I know I am.

Michael Siskin

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new release Trop Club Casino, Aruba new release
vbg Nice & LaCabana opens in March, Maybe???????
That's the rumor
grin grin Will do & Thanks. It looks like

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