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Durango Casino. $1, $2, $5 and $5 GO. UV tagging

So, these are the 4 lowest denominated chips for the Durango Casino. They are made by Angel/GPI/Paulson and have the Hat/Cane UV tag. I now know they have a $100 GO chip, in addition to the regular rack $100.

The casino uses 50 cent US coins at the Black Jack tables. In the High Limit Table Games area, they have large denomination chips, some of which appear to be oversized.

I saw 3 regular craps tables and 1 electronic craps table. The $2 chip is only at the Face Up Pai Gow table, for which they have 4 of them. i saw at least 2 roulette tables, but believe there are at least 4.

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new release Durango Casino. $1, $2 and $5...
No GO's???
You Beat Me To It!
Well I'll be... I guess I couldn't see the forest
Re: No GO's???
Re: new release Durango Casino. $1, $2 and $5...
Durango Casino. $1, $2, $5 and $5 GO. UV tagging
$5 GO Durango Casino
Jim: what are TCR numbers??
Sorry, I'm not a TCR guy. Gotta check with Jay...

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