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Nobby’s Bar-Reno

Regarding the Nobby’s Bar wooden nickel in Doug’s auction:
Nobby’s was a name change or more likely a name added to
Leo’s Den located on the SW corner of Fourth and Virginia sts.
I remember a small wooden (?) Nobby’s sign underneath the
Leo’s Den sign over the angled front door. This would have been
around 1971-73 where the El Dorado Hotel is today. Since the
El Dorado opened in 1973, Nobby’s was short-lived. The phone
book listing is from a 1972-3 book so I doubt if Nobby’s was
ever listed. Note both places used the 361 N Virginia st. address.
By the way, the place was a real dump, dark and noisy and
usually busy. I believe this information is pretty accurate but it’s
fifty years since the place was open.

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Nobby’s Bar-Reno
Any relation to Nobby’s Burgers in Chico CA?

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