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wanted MONTANA CHIPS WANTED and news Extra!

Since the 1st of November & early Decemember happings around the Southwest Florida house hold an ole Chipper. I had surgery for the fistukala implant (pre-dialaysis) so I can start the dialaysis when the doc’s say I have to in the next few months after the implant has healed. It was a very good surgery, and the Dr’s said it went better than expected. I went home the same day. On following Sunday evening I woke my self up with coughing. Around 6 am Nancy called the Dr and they said take him into the hospital. One Friday when I went into the hospital for the surgery, while be admitted at the insurance counter a lady coughed all over me and Nancy, although she excused herself; she had coughed up spittles all over both of us. We tried to use purell to disinfected our selves, but it did not work. Nancy had caught a bit o’ of whatever it was and worked through it. She visited me every day at the hospital. I used 7 liters of oxygen in one day but; they pulled me thru the ordeal and I went home the following Saturday evening. I have to say those days in the hospital were most scariest days of my 80 years.
Previous to all this happening we had paid for and reserved a cruise to the Caribbean; a 14 day cruise. These are some of the ports. Martinque, Grenada, Triniadad, Tobago and Aruba. We are still going.
I am navigating with a lot help these days. I may try to pick up chips if possible. Send your wants. Altogether, there are 10 island nations we will be stopping at; however, I am not very mobile.
When I get back I plan on making my presents know on the CB again.
Sincerely, Reggie

MONTANA CHIPS WANTED, should you end up with doubles, and you have a lot of extras from Montana you do not need, please allow me to take a look and see if I need them. I have a large want list of needs from my home state of Montana. (Currently I am in the process of updating this list.
This includes all fraternal organizations: BPOE Elks #’s 214, 0383, 0394, 0456, 0537, 0725, 1201, 1554 1632 & 1695. VFW posts, various & Eagles, various.

(Star of David) Butte $0 C & S Red CG100991 see the chip guide

I also, have a fairly large trade list of approximately 100+ different Montana chips. This includes fractionals, $1 and various chips. Below please find one from this list available for trade or sale. Text listing is available at this time

A M $1 (A. J. Mc Intosh - Mc Intosh Music House) Kalispell, MT $12

This image is from my own inventory, scanned by my Epson V30

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wanted MONTANA CHIPS WANTED and news Extra!
Yeah; it was pneumonia
Your in my prayers Reggie
Re: wanted MONTANA CHIPS WANTED and news Extra!
Thanks everyone for best wishes and prayers
Glad you pulled through it! Have a great cruise!
Re: wanted MONTANA CHIPS WANTED and news Extra!
Good News - Have a Great Cruise !!!
Reggie take care, glad you fought through it.
I have lots of Mt. chips email me
Just Keep on Keepin On, Wishing You The Best

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