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10 Ultra Rare/Hard To Get chips in 10 days (Day 9)

Having just got back from an epic 145 day, 10 country chip run - over the next 10 days, I will post 10 ultra rare/hard to get chips from all over the U.S.A. Today is day 9 and presented below is the last chip in this series from my favorite collecting state in Washington. I didn't know about this chip until I was recently in Yakima, WA. This is a chip that was used as a drop chip when their poker room was open before Covid.

Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's rare chip....... it's a chip that's taken me over 10 years to obtain and one of my favorites in my collection.

Thanks all for looking and I hope everyone can get some enjoyment out of my hard & persistent efforts.

Kind regards
David Moors

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10 Ultra Rare/Hard To Get chips in 10 days (Day 9)
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