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Re: Differences.

Thanks Jo, but no, I am not needed here or on any of the other platforms you mention.
Just to avoid any confusion, these are the 4 different types of the £100 that exist as far as I know and they are different enough so that there should be no mixing them up. The £5, £50, £100 and £500s have all been reproduced/replicated and are all on the guide now. The £10 is the only one that hasn't been replicated yet but there's still time.
I'm not sure if I have put them up before but rather repeat myself than not at all. I have put the photo up on other sites though.
Take care.

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James Bond or not?? 070
Don't know but...
Please explain what
COA = Certificate of Authenticity
Re: James Bond or not?? 070
Re: James Bond or not?? 070
The real stuff is top grade ...
Re: Differences.

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