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The "other person" has nothing to do with this.
In Response To: Re: Yep, I listed one. ()

I posted here asking for size to be included and you tell me right now I should go look for It...?

Why should I even continue reading your post after such foolishness?.

All of this b******* from you started weeks ago when I confirmed that Portsmouth had 4 wheels and you said you knew somebody who worked there saying they said they only had one wheel.
You questioned where chip guide got the information from and when I posted the documentation which was opening the door for me to explain to chip guide that the jetons should be under Roulettes, you went completely bananas from that poin on; completely bananas... and you won't stop and you're making a fool out of yourself by showing how childish you are.

If you are going to continue attacking in my threads, I now politely ask you to please stay away and start your own threads bashing me all you want because I will never drop to your common level.

Get over it; I made two suggestions for ChipGuide to consider two updates and in less than 24-hours of each, the updates were made and you freaked... ChipGu8de would gladly listen to anyone who conducts themsef as a gentleperson. Try it, instead of making childish posts like this one below.

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Portsmouth [for example] - w/o a size, lessens ~~~
Playboy Club (example) - w/o a size, lessens ~~~
Whatever Playboy did back then w/ American Roulett
Re: Lovely collection, Ron.
Re: Wakey wakey.
No size. at the time of post for the Playboy Club.
Re: Then try finding out.
Re: Actually 9 Portsmouth jetons not 5.
Re: Hope it helps.
As with my examples of two completely ~~~
Re: Yep, you've told us.
The ChipGuide shows you as contributor.
Re: Yep, I listed one.
Re: Ironic.
We are talking real-time... Now. Today.
Re: Any MORE ON?
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Re: Worried about you...........
The "other person" has nothing to do with this.
Re: Hey stupid!!
Re: Actually............
Looks good 👍
Why aren't these listed under jetons?
My favorite Jeton...
Re: Why aren't these listed under jetons?

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