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In Response To: Re: Then try finding out. ()

Shouldn't you be the person responsible for size...?

Furthermore; guessing would not apply here as a general rule because the Portsmouth size YOU updated is NOT the size of my newly found pair of Playboy Club Roulettes.

The seller even had the siźe wrong.

So please do not tell me what is pointless when I am explaining exactly why size is important....!

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Portsmouth [for example] - w/o a size, lessens ~~~
Playboy Club (example) - w/o a size, lessens ~~~
Whatever Playboy did back then w/ American Roulett
Re: Lovely collection, Ron.
Re: Wakey wakey.
No size. at the time of post for the Playboy Club.
Re: Then try finding out.
Re: Actually 9 Portsmouth jetons not 5.
Re: Hope it helps.
As with my examples of two completely ~~~
Re: Yep, you've told us.
The ChipGuide shows you as contributor.
Re: Yep, I listed one.
Re: Ironic.
We are talking real-time... Now. Today.
Re: Any MORE ON?
Re: This is how you use a quote……….
Re: Coulda, woulda, shoulda.......
Re: Worried about you...........
The "other person" has nothing to do with this.
Re: Hey stupid!!
Re: Actually............
Looks good 👍
Why aren't these listed under jetons?
My favorite Jeton...
Re: Why aren't these listed under jetons?

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