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deBlasio is a JOKE
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Retired NYPD here. Frankly, I am amazed at the restraint the officers of the NYPD have shown. I still get all the emails to the PBA and SBA membership and to say they are upset with deBlasio's actions is an understatement.

In the days leading up to the executions, there were several incidents where protesters were allowed to get away with illegal acts. A member of the Garner family was being issued a summons for operating a motor vehicle with a headlight out. A member of Mayor deBlasio's staff intervened. Not only was the officer ordered NOT to issue a summons, other officers were directed to CHANGE THE HEADLIGHT BULB! A senior Sergeant on the scene refused, and was threatened with being disciplined.

The Police Commishioner himself had red paint thrown on him.

In the days leading up to the executions, the leadership of the PBA and SBA were frantically complaining to whatever media outlets that would listen that Mayor deBlasio's coddling of the protesters was creating an enviorment that was putting officers in jeopdardy. Someone was bound to get hurt.

Two officers were subsequently executed.

Fu#% Mayor deBlasio. He hitched his cart to lawlessness and catered to those who spit on the civil and lawful. Hee cared more about the safety of the"protestors" than the safety of HIS officers. He deserves to be politically buried.

Out of respect to the slain officers, the PBA and SBA leadership have toned down the rhetoric until the officers are buried. After that, the gloves are off.

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Civil disobedience?
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deBlasio is a JOKE
I support the officers
To be afraid and scared is life itself!
He'll probably resign shortly.
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I do not think he will!
Re: deBlasio is a JOKE

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