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Has anybody here...

...seen my old friend John?

Sorry. If you were born after 1975, you have NO idea what I just said. However, if you are Dick Bartley, you know the full name of the song, the year it came out, WHO sang it, and most likely, the record label it was on from his days of spinning discs!! And, he can likely tell you if the 45 it was playing on had "record burn" on it.

FYI. In case you don't know, when you spun 45s, you played the 45 in a speaker you can hear in the DJ booth (they call it a cue speaker) until you heard the song start. Then you spun the vinyl BACKWARDS until you found that exact moment the song started, then moved it back about 1/4 of a turn. That way, when you hit the start button, that 1/4 turn gave the turntable the time to get up to full speed BEFORE the song started. Ah, the fun days of playing vinyl, huh Dick. I only had a couple of years of that. By the time I finished college, everything was either CDs or all the music were on these cartridges that looked a lot like an old 8-track we called a "cart".

ANYWAY, there is an actual reason for my post besides talking about the good old days with Dick. The latest $1 chips issued by Jerry's Nugget. Has anybody seen one that has long canes on either side? And if you do, do you have any extras? Perhaps one you'd like to trade or sell? If so, I'm interested. VERY interested! If you would, please drop me a note. A text. Or call me! It's a solid good weekend! Call our request line now at....oh. OOPS! Sorry.

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Has anybody here...
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