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Extra! Mega Millions jackpot is $156 million dollars

The Mega Millions jackpot is now $156 million dollars. The drawing is tonight (12/26/14).

Please note that there is an extra $6 in tickets thanks to Andy Hughes (LM-2471-52), and an extra $5 in tickets thanks to Chuck Larson (R-8075).

Here are the tickets:

In order to be eligible for a share of the jackpot, (1) You must be a member in good standing of the ccgtcc at the time of the drawing and, (2) you must be on my contestant list (below). If you are a current club member that is not on this list but would like to be, please link your name and ccgtcc number to this post before 6pm EST tonight and ask me to add you to the contestant list. You will also be automatically entered in any other lottery contests I run in 2014.

Good luck to us all!! grin

2014 Lottery Contestants

A. Scott Freeman R-8204
A. J. Giametta R-8248
Al Whiting LM-5856-194
Alex Cilento LM-93-1243
Alan Borenstein R-1611
Alan Mizelle R-8287
Alan Schuyler R-8414
Allan Anderson R-2927
Allan McCurdy LM-5242
Andy Hughes LM-2471-52
April Peront R-8072
Archie Black HLM-001
Barry Hauptman LM-4196-49
Barry Weintraub R-2730
Berry Brooks R-7328
Bill Harkins R-4026
Bill Judge R-3264
Bill Lange LM-5205-103
Bill Minsterman R-5908
Bill Purcell R-7485
Bill Thompson R-4581
Bill Wiegele R-8265
Bob Bosseler R-1429
Bob Ciancia R-8131
Bob Hiestand R-5251
Bob Orme R-3576
Brent J. Jensen R-8007
Brian "Mr. Splashbar" Cashman LM-1121-157M
Brian Lukanic R-8374
Brian Watts LM-5491-97
Bruce Kay R-7942
Bryan Jimison LM-4813-167
Butch Reynolds R-3594
Caleb Nolley R-8094
Carl Kogut R-7169
Carlos Oller R-8061
Charles Bianco R-8024
Charles Davis R-5943
Charles Kaplan LM-2558-48
Charles Mades R-0108
Charlie Wilson R-7581
Chris Sevick R-6355
Chuck Sikora R-8507
Chuck Smorse R-3632
Chuck Tomarchio R-377
Chuck & Christi Larson R-8075
Clement M. (Mike) Hodges R-6943
Craig Willardson R-7503
Dan Cooley R-8220
Dan Jensen R-7764
Dave Lindblad R-8355
Dave Norris R-7923
Dave Peterson R-7963
Dave T. R-7889
David and Carol Wendleton R-3663
David Byard R-7843
David C R-5138
David Chitty R-8416
David Cygul R-6666
David Shmookler R-8022
David Spragg LM-6180-166
Dayle Horyna R-4704
Debra Meister LM-5891-126
Dennis Berry R-8000
Dennis Garnier LM-4969-123
Dennis Shoop LM 6060-160
Dennis Zeller R-1278
Derek Bistricky R-8169
Dick Bartley LM-5316-201
Don Abdelnour R-7610
Don Anderson R-8012
Don Covello R-0971
Don K. Phillips R-3464
Don McMichael R-4873
Don Tassie LM-5729-219
Doug "Cigarman" Smith LM-3209-147
Doug Deems R-3744
Doug Johnson R-7749
Doug McKenzie LM-3751-50
Doug Spear R-4798
Dwight "Skip" Harouff LM-4338-88
Ed Boling R-8206
Ed Noel R-1083
Edward Hertel R-2402
Ellen Springer LM-5370-174
Erik Dauplaise R-8053
Eric Miller R-7075
Eric Swort R-8181
Everett Sorrells R-6428
Frank Hocevar R-4861
Frank Steward R-6933
Fred Bergman LM-421-67
Fred DeKeyser R-6696
Fred Hempel LM-6173-173
Fred Lamb LM-5294-117
Gabe Dobos LM-4143
Gabe Vallido LM-4928-163
Gary Acquistapace LM-0289-14
Gary Fitzgerald R-1230
Gary Kuehl R-3062
Gary McKenzie R-8335
Gary Smith R-7989
Gene Oneill R-1613
Gene Trimble LM-2192-170
George Buckner R-5849
Gerald Nelson R-8215
Gerald O'Neal CH-0088
the family of Greg C Susong LM-2120-31
Greg Birdsell R-8140
Greg Galloway R-4061
Greg Ike LM-7469-247
Hal Simons LM-5052-152
Hoss (Ben Winkelman) R-7895
Howard Edelman R-2938
Howard Pryor R-2853
Ike Galanoudis R-8247
Irwin 'doc' Gross R-130
J Wriggins R-6537
Jack Weingarten R-0708
Jaime Alcala R-8174
James Conder R-8572
James L. Perlowski LM-2848-127
James McFadden LM-5036-197
James Stroud R-8142
Jason Barbiaux R-8375
Jason Skinner LM-5528-164
Jay Kalman R-7834
Jay Sands LM-4390-60
Jeff Buckner R-5478
Jim Buell R-2988
Jeff Liess R-8047
Jeff Willcox R-5463
Jeremy Kriegel R-8406
Jerry Birl R-774 LM-27
Jerry Canzoneri LM 6964-225
Jerry Leonardo R-7884
Jill Bitner R-4943
Jim Colbert R-5804
Jim Follis LM-3872-53
Jim Fuhlrodt R-3652
Jim Gagnon LM-5882-188
Jim Hickle R-7904
Jim Linduff R-6210
Jim Litnar R-4487
Jim Munding CH043
Jim Sarra LM-0259-59
Jim Silva LM-3587-41
Jim Steffner LM-1508-30
Jim Whobrey LM-5334-244
Joe Shaw R-2548
John Chopek R-6386
John Coushay R-5745
John Esslinger R-5045
John S. Reynolds LM-6920-223
John Sibrel R-6451
John Zoesch R-3145
Jon Maren R-8391
Judy Wuerth R-7835
Julie Brown R-6461
Justin Kelley R-8389
Keith Bearden R-8344
Kernan Longua R-7202
Kerry Waite LM-3236-77
Kevin Aydelott LM-5522-98
Lance Robertson Sr. R-5654
Lance Robertson II R-8573
Larry Markman R-1669
Larry Phillips R-7893
Larry Taylor R-7829
Len Cipkins LM-5479-90
Lin Wisenstein LM-2623-133
Louie Zandonai R-8291
Luke Rapley LM-3867-175
Marc Bernhardt R-7643
Marc Shapiro LM-2871-142
Mark Britton R-7435
Mark Bufton LM-3923-200
Mark Cotton R-5355
Mark Englebretson LM-150
Mark Murray R-8405
Mark Russell R-7282
Mark Todd R-7656
Mark W. Rollo LM-5392-221
Marty Kaplan LM-2081-36
Marty Robbins LM-4945-179
Matt Elliott R-8311
Michael DeShazo R-8221
Michael James R-8404
Michael Levesque R-7023
Michael Rymer R-7671
Michael Shenouda R-8345
Michael Siskin R-7387
Mike & Coco Poole R-5171
Mike Auterson R-1457
Mike Christensen LM-2547-81
Mike Cuddy R-3967
Mike Downey LM-6202-222
Mike Exinger R-8119
Mike Klackle R-6027
Mike Mason R-3916
Mike McCarty R-4896
Mike Pellerin R-5986
Mike Quinlivan LM-3194-54
Mike Robison R-4977
Mike Schlotterbeck R-6363
Mike Vuolo R-8145
Nate Pincus LM-946-7
Neal Silverman LM-1379-116
Norm Steel R-7340
Oke Millett R-8508
Pam Corry LM-4554-131
Pam Goertler R-3432
Pam Holmgren R-6385
Pat Fricke R-7511
Paul A.Sax R-4423
Paul Biggs R-6744
Paul Liscio LM-2949-198
Paul Schaffer R-7745
Pete Klinger LM1040-104
Pete Ryan R-5985
Pete Lowell R-5534
Phil Doroskio R-7142
Phil Thorne R-5447
Phil Valot R-7119
Phyllis Spagnola R-5866
Quintin Kamm R-8447
R. Joseph "Hotrod" Myers LM-3957-57
Randy Daniels LM-2904-204
Ray Donoghue R-7690
Rena M. Perlowski LM-3382-151
Rich Hodges LM-4210-168
Richard Bernhard R-1924
Richard Gummer R-7369
Richard Huber LM-3053-226
Richard Jezeski R-6432
Richard Malinowski R-7499
Rick Armstrong R-8442
Rick Bernhard R-1924
Ricky Pushkin LM-134
Riverboat Rick LM-3113-84
Robert Denbow R-7362
Robert Doyle R-7424
Robert Eisenstadt R-159
Robert Fabbiano R-8246
Robert Likes R-5423
Robert Reno LM-2878-154
Robert Rohrbough R-8132
Robert Smith R-7638
Robert Touts R-4583
Rodney Anderson R-7886
Roger Herman R-8267
Rog DeVree R-7967
Ron Bayne R-7190 / R-293 AC
Ron Clewell R-8166
Ron Goudsmit R-7960
Ron Haglund R-8342
Ron Leis R-3110
Ron Ste. Marie R-7735
Ronald Clewell R-8418
Ross McCammon R-5597
Ross Poppel LM-4950-158
Roy Klein R-6611
Roy Nelson R-4727
Russell Wong LM-5667-183
Ryan Rimmer R-7853
Sal D. Rubino R-4013
Sal Ignoffo R-2663
Scott Brodsky LM-0424-153
Scott Harmon R-4940
Shawn Jacobs R-8525
Sheldon & Christine Smith LM-82-83
Stan Kan R-7878
Stephen Green R-8096
Steve Baldwin R-8504
Steve Bedo LM-5259-111
Steve Chiruck R-7623
Steve Clark R-8500
Steve Miller R-1069
Steve Millett R-7715
Steve Palumbo R-6711
Steve Passalacqua CH-044, LM-214
Stu "The Count" Lovett LM-4603-165
Sunday Silverman LM-5757-120
Tarl Cooley R-7651
Terrence Grogan R-6095
Terry Moore CA R-5860
Terry Shaffer LM-5645-161
The ccgtcc General Fund
The Museum Fund
The Bus Driver R-6341
Tim Seifert R-8050
Todd Barrett 5068-91
Todd Buechler R-8200
Tom Deason LM-4725-189
Tom Henderson R-8545
Tom Hill R-8074
Tom Leggio R-4002
Tom Lopez R-5216
Tom Miller R-4622
Tracy Henderson R-8270
Tony Tricoli R-2084
Travis H.D. Lewin LM-0111-46
Tyrus Mulkey LM-2211-21
Virgil Foss R-6387
Von McKenzie R-7134
Wayne Murphy LM-5244-110
Wes Segni R-8029
Westen Charles R-7756
William Kaar R-1170

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