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It's an El Rey Christmas

Thanks to everyone for making this little book make a big impact on my life.

To date, it has earned nine literary awards and honors and it was on the list of 150 things for 150 years, a list of the best Nevada-related books, magazines, movies, and music offerings.

For those of you who have not read it, here is an excerpt from the book which relates to Christmas. I've also included a few photos.

"Ethel Martello recalled one particular Christmas when the El Rey was all decked out for the holidays, including a tall, fully decorated Christmas tree. Many friends and family members were invited for a special party at the casino, and there was a little Christmas stocking for each guest. The highlights of the evening included a massive craps game as well as plenty of drinking and gambling. Among those in attendance at this gala affair was a little wild burro named Oscar. For the record, the burro had his own stocking, and he did enjoy bottles of beer along with all the guests. He abstained from the gambling."

I am grateful for the support and the friendship and I am hopeful you will take a moment to write a review on Amazon. I am hoping to hit 50 reviews before the new year starts.

Merry Christmas to everyone. grin

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