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for sale Idaho Illegals - new find for sale

The MG inlaid chips were manufactured by USPC in 1928 and delivered to Boise, ID.

These chips originated from an estate sale of a family that lived in McCall until 1951 before moving to WA (where they continued running gambling operations along with Ida Carl Forbis and family). The grand-daughter had researched this in the past, and from pictures believed that the building used was either the Payette Lakes Inn on page 12 of this link, or a similar building that perhaps burnt down as many did in that time.

She also noted that at that time, when much of the town was virtually a continuous landscape garden, it was known to outsiders as McCall Garden. At that time McCall was an exclusive weekend gambling retreat for Boise residents with a history of gambling and pro$titution.
There is a little reference here also:

I have a few each yellow chips available at $15 shipped and off-white chips (worn) at $10 shipped. I have a single red chip available for $20 shipped. There are no blue chips available. Email me if interested.

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for sale Idaho Illegals - new find for sale
Red chip is SOLD

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