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Extra! for sale 15 new illegals-WA,IL,TN,TX,LA,MS & CA!

I have 15 new illegals to offer. All are pictured at the bottom of the post. ‘New’ means either new finds, or new to me for selling grin Some have been mentioned in IOTD posts.
Email me if you are interested in anything, all prices quoted INCLUDE shipping.

Evergreen Tavern, Washougal, WA
The $5 JEG chip and the EVW pair are those referred to in Gene’s earlier IOTD post today.
Delivered in 1946 when gambling was illegal in Washington.
JEG chips are $10 each. EVW $8 each or $15 the pair. Set of all 3 for $23.

Hyde Park Club, Venice, IL
JWR small key mold chips - $7 each. JWR diamond mold I have only two chips - SOLD OUT.

Log Cabin, 146 S. Main St. Memphis, TN
ALB treyball mold (chip also exists in hub mold but I don’t have those) – I only have 3 of these - $10 each.

Yale Street Tavern, 2725 Yale St., Houston, TX
FD in horseshoe hub chips – dark red - shipped there in 1938 - $8 each shipped

Elite Restaurant, 2208 Ave. D, Galveston, TX
EL hub chips shipped there in 1934 - $8 each shipped

Arabi Social Club
ASC (not SAC) delivered to Arabi in 1955.
Red, Blue or Green are $8 each
I only have 5 of the black available so they are only available in a set of 4 colors for $35

BC hub – delivered to Bob Coley, Hazlehurst, MS way back in 1933 – 3 of these available - SOLD OUT
RTM hubs overstamped ‘CARL’S Club’. Delivered to Ray T. Mangum, San Francisco, in 1939. Must have been a decent game – order was for 11,000 chips! I have 5 yellow. $8 each. Purple sold out.


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Extra! for sale 15 new illegals-WA,IL,TN,TX,LA,MS & CA!
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