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for sale New KY, TX, IL & IN Illegal chip finds for sale

CRG harp mold – Midway Tavern, Lafayette, IN - $10 each shipped

THE KASEY CLUB harp – Henderson, KY - $10 each shipped

RM harp – ordered for SC but returned and sold elsewhere per Taylor records - $5 each shipped

BD harp – Biffi Night Club, Louisville, KY (chips are printed on one side only – not sure why, record card shows some yellow chips with $1.00 on reverse, others with no reverse specified) - $7 each shipped

The brown chip is XXX one side, 25c the other. We can’t be certain but from the source of the chips it came with, it could be associated with the XXX hub mold from TX. $5 each shipped or order $25 or more from this post and I will throw one in.

GGC hub mold - Golden Gate Club, Springfield, IL - $10 each shipped

C-C chips were delivered to Earl Dalton, Southland Hotel (Binion!), Dallas TX in 1946.
$5 & $10 chips are $10 each shipped or $17 shipped for the pair.

If you want all 8 chips listed above, price will be $55 shipped.
Email me if interested. Dont delay grin as I dont have too many of these.

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for sale New KY, TX, IL & IN Illegal chip finds for sale
David, I will take one of the following
Payment sent. Thanks David!!! vbg
I'll take a set.
David..please check your email..Thanks..
Got it, thanks.

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