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for sale New find illegals - AZ, OR & TN !!

The CDK chips from Arizona are the subject of Gene's Illegal of the day post for today, below.

I have a number of the black chips available for $7 each shipped.
I only have one of the green chips available. That one will be $10 shipped.

The CCS hub chip has 'pan' on reverse. The Mason order card is shown below. Chips shipped to and used at Choates Cigar Store, La Grande, OR.
Although Ive never seen them, CCS hubs also exist shipped to the same place with no 'pan' on reverse. Substantial orders so this must have been a decent game grin
Note that the card refers to matching his sample. The CSC rectangle mold chips were found with the hubs, in La Grande, so it is fair to say they were the existing chips referred to.
Therefore I am selling these as a pair, and only have 8 pairs anyway. They are not in great shape. grin
Price is $12 shipped for the pair.

The ALB hub is Log Cabin, 146 S. Main St. Memphis, TN. Run by "Boots" Ellis.
1934-1935. 7 Substantial orders
2700 white, 1400 blue, 4400 red, 200 black, 100 pink

8800 chips total. Either that was some game or Boots got busted regularly grin
All I have available is 18 of the red chips - $7 each shipped for those.

Email me if interested in anything, first come first served.

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for sale New find illegals - AZ, OR & TN !!
ill-eagles are not New most R really old
Lone green CDK is sold.
Will Take 1 Of Each
Ok, I will email you.
I will take one of each
Ok, see email

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